Maybe Too Good to Be True

A Modern Day Cinderella Story
After leaving her TV news job at ANN in Atlanta, Gabrielle March returns to her hometown to take over her late father’s floundering newspaper. Barely keeping the newspaper afloat, her dream of starting up her own video production company is quickly sinking into the red Georgia clay.

Then a game changer happens. Gabrielle gets an invitation to visit a mysterious lady friend of her father’s in Massachusetts.  When she arrives at the lavish country estate, the woman makes her an astounding offer. As compensation for fraud against Gabrielle’s father, she is to receive several million dollars in stock and a seat on the board of Atlantic-Hastings, Inc.

The only “string” attached to the gift is Gabrielle spending time at corporate headquarters in New York City under the watchful eye of Mrs. Hastings' son, corporate tycoon, Pierce Hastings, who is not thrilled with his mother giving away a chunk of their company.  Although he’s tried to fight it, attempted to talk himself out of it, he’s falling hard for Gabrielle and her charming sense of humor, refreshing honesty and lack of pretense. Why can’t she see they would be perfect together?

Can two people who come from vastly different worlds find love and happiness together in a world of their own?